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What's our it?

If you want to understand Glover's approach to printing, consider this: when you strip away all of the computers and equipment and paper stock, at heart we're problem solvers.

Sure, we've seen things evolve: Offset printing. Digital printing. Web-to-print. But there's one thing that hasn't changed in the past 40-odd years. Quite simply, what makes us happy is making you and your brand look good - to customers, stakeholders, partners, employees, whoever. And fortunately, we've got the experience, brainpower, can-do attitude and chutzpah to actually make that happen.

Maybe what you need is something simple. Can we deliver 50,000 4-color brochures next Tuesday? Sure. Maybe it's a little more challenging, like reaching a particular audience with print and online materials that are individually customized, carefully tracked and, most important of all, easily managed. 

In every case, your needs come first. Once we thoroughly understand what you want to accomplish, we'll develop a plan to make it happen. We get pretty fastidious about our plans. We consider every angle and take into account every detail. We make sure we're all on the same page from the word go. And we continually hammer away at our internal processes to figure out even better ways to get your work produced. 

We recognize that times change. Tools change. All well and good - we love the new technologies and printing breakthroughs. They've allowed us to expand our scope well beyond commercial printing to offer solutions that make things easier and better across the enterprise. 

Things like? Well, for instance:

  • Web-based storefronts that combine flexible ordering with tight control of brand assets 
  • Marketing campaigns that encompass direct mail, emails, personalized URLs and all the data you'd ever want to analyze 
  • Greater consistency of look, feel and color across everything you print, no matter what it's printed on or what the quantity
  • An easy way to manage inventory and streamline the supply chain

But we're very happy to hold onto our old-fashioned ideas about customer service, thank you very much.




2401 Atlantic Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27604

(919) 821-5535


Featured Services

Packaging and Fullfillment

We can collect and package your job in almost any manner you can imagine. Whether it's printed material, fabricated parts, or a mix, our Packaging and Fulfillment Facility can meet your project needs. 

Versatile Printing

We can print on almost anything you can think of and probably quite a few things you haven't. And it's not just the material you're printing on that matters, versatile ink capabilities means that your project can look just like you need it to and perform at a high standard. 

Prototyping and Design

Working with you from the ground up on your project means getting into the ideas and producing designs and prototypes prior to production. Our Idea Factory can get this done fast and not sacrifice quality.

Wide Format and Signage

Signs of all sizes, shapes, and materials. From big, flexible, banners to braille information signs and machined plaques, our wide format and sign department can produce much more than you would expect from a normal printing company. 

Brewery and Taproom

Tap Handles, Keg Tags, Flight Trays, and anything else you might not have thought about to make your Brewery and Taproom say 'World Class' to your visitors and brew-lovers.

Variable Data

Our Variable Data capabilities means you can customize each piece you have created for specifics people or organizations, even within a single project-run. From postcard mailers to manufactured 3 dimensional items, everything can be customized to your targeted needs.


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