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Tyco Electronics (now TE Connectivity)

One very-well-packaged packaging solution.

What they needed.

Tyco Electronics - which makes products that connect and protect the flow of power and data - is a Glover customer from way back. A few years ago, they began selling directly to consumers through hardware and home improvement stores. This of course raised new kinds of supply chain issues, especially since Tyco emphasizes a lean inventory, just-in-time delivery approach. So their goal was to find partners who could help them manage all of the various pieces involved - printing, kitting, logistics, everything - starting with the creation of prototypes to shop around to the retailers.

What we did.

Glover's involvement began when Tyco was looking for someone to help with the prototypes. With our kitting and packaging experience - and our ability and willingness to develop one-off and extremely short-run items - we could give them something they couldn't get from other vendors: retail-ready samples of their proposed product line. 

With products successfully sold into the stores, the next step for Tyco was finding a printing solution. They thought this might be tricky, since it involved a mix of high- and low-volume items - something their existing vendor wasn't set up to handle. For Glover, it was no problem. 

Then Tyco went in search of a kitting and packaging vendor on the East Coast, to share duties and provide backup for their in-house operation in Los Angeles. And once again, they found Glover. We instituted a seamless transition of part of the operation from LA to NC, and used our automated system to offer Tyco efficiencies they hadn't been able to achieve before.

How it turned out.

In the end, Tyco didn't really need all that many partners to support them on this project. Glover provided all of the services they required, as well as a single point of accountability for a complex, multipart process. We were able to scale up from prototypes to production and provide the flexibility to handle new product launches - all while eliminating a key pain point: excess inventory. It's nice when things get wrapped up so neatly.