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What they needed.

Glover has been working with Bayer Biological Products in Clayton, NC for quite a while (as in decades). One of our services was providing them with an online ordering system for business forms, labels and compliance materials. Then they came to us with a pretty big request - they wanted to enable online ordering that wouldn't have to be routed through the purchasing department process. So could we modify their existing checkout system to integrate it directly with their global SAP Management Information System?

What we did.

Of course we could. We started by working with Bayer's IT department on a proposal and the documentation necessary to secure internal resources for the project. We dealt with all the details - behind-the-scenes stuff like security and electronic data interchange (EDI), as well as features that would make life easier on the front end: roles-based ordering, visual item verification (instead of just part numbers), order receipt verification, revision requests to speed changes to existing items, on and on. 

The real kicker was that SAP integration allowed employees to order supplies from multiple vendors, including Glover, and check everything out at one time - the system would generate a single PO and automatically cut checks for each vendor. 

Within a matter of weeks we had a prototype of their custom solution up and running so everyone could kick the tires and do any necessary fine-tuning. 

How it turned out.

Nine years later, the order system continues to hum along without a single failure. The ordering process itself has been dramatically streamlined, cutting user time in half. And even better, all of this efficiency has eliminated paperwork and freed staff up to focus on more important pursuits. 

What makes all of this even more impressive (if we do say so ourselves) is that Glover was the first vendor in the world to integrate a local Bayer site's online catalog into the global ordering system. Good thing we never lost our pioneer spirit.