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Prototyping and Design

Prototyping and design

Welcome to The It Factory.

Glover offers a full complement of web-based printing support tools for creating, controlling and interacting with your projects. It includes the basics, of course - things like uploading files and creating secure portals for managing inventory.

But that's just for starters. Because inside The It Factory are some powerful resources that let you take command of your printing, distribution and marketing in an entirely new way.

Campaign HQ

This is where you'll find everything you need to put together and monitor effective, one-to-one, multimedia marketing campaigns: 

  • create individualized email and direct mail, seamlessly incorporating variable-data printing elements - contact information, headlines, prices, even photos and graphic
  • drive recipients to custom microsites with personalized URLs that include their own name and information
  • select and purchase mailing lists
  • best of all, see how it's all working through the built-in reporting dashboard, where you can see the big picture, drill down to track which individuals responded to a dynamic email and use the wealth of information to steer your campaign in the right direction - in real time

Store Manager

Put the web to work for your organization, with a customized web-to-print storefront designed to make everyone's jobs easier: 

  • create a store that matches your brand look and feel
  • enable staff in different locations to easily order exactly the materials they need, without wasting other people's time
  • allows users to customize as much as necessary (names and titles on business cards, for instance), while maintaining absolute control over key elements such as logos and colors
  • establish easy-to-implement rules for access, uploading and ordering authority

The Brain Lab

This may be the most important part of the whole operation - it's where our experts sit down with you to discuss your needs. We'll talk about possibilities, research options, consult on special projects; basically, do whatever it takes to craft the right business and printing solution for your exact situation, and help you take advantage of all the tools at your disposal to do some intelligent communication.

Web-Based Tools

  • Store Manager
  • Campaign HQ
  • Web2Print
  • Print/Collaboration Portals
  • Inventory Management
  • Variable Data
  • Analytics
  • Online Proofing
  • File Transfer
  • Customized Solutions