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The glover green initiative

Green is good.

For some companies, going "green" is the latest buzzword. For Glover, it's just another way of saying "that's the way we've always done it."

The fact is, we've consistently made every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, from optimizing the use of materials to recycling to following all disposal guidelines. It makes good business sense, and it's a good thing to do.

Growing greener together.

Our goal is to keep making our operations, and our community, green. As part of that effort, we work closely with our customers to help them lower their impact on the world around us, whether it's by choosing alternative papers, instituting more efficient procedures, or providing statistics on the environmental impact of a project. Here's a short list of some of what we've done to help keep things Green:

  • All waste paper is recycled - more than 35,000lbs a month
  • All solvents are recovered - we don't generate any hazardous waste
  • All inks are printed or recycled
  • All toner cartridges are recycled for reuse
  • All pallets are recycled or reused in our plant