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RTI International

Special orders don't upset us.

What they needed.

RTI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute that works with government and commercial clients worldwide. With several local sites, as well as offices spread throughout the US and numerous other countries, they were looking for an online ordering system that could be customized to meet their specific needs. And they were in kind of hurry, since their previous printer suddenly closed its doors.

What we did.

The first thing we did was listen, and study their specifications and requirements. And we were able to tell RTI sure, we can create the custom solution you're looking for. Which was a pleasant surprise for them - not only was Glover the only printer they interviewed that could fully accommodate their requests; it turned out that even their previous provider has given them a "canned" solution that had never really been a good fit.

Once we were awarded the project (our four decades of financial stability certainly didn't hurt us there), we listened some more. Through a series of meetings with client stakeholders, we analyzed their needs, made recommendations, incorporated new input and shaped their individually tailored solution with all the features they wanted: secure login, inventory tracking and reports, charge backs, order splitting, GL reports, reordering - you name it. 

Then our in-house IT staff turned that into a fully functioning site in less than six weeks.

How it turned out.

Two years down the road, the ordering system essentially runs itself - employees don't need training, site administrators don't need to do a lot of hand-holding and no one has to have any doubts that they'll get exactly what they ordered, exactly when they need it. Which fulfilled one of the goals of the project: create a system that, instead of being an impediment to getting things done, would dramatically streamline processes and allow employees to use their time more efficiently. 

And that sound you hear? That's RTI staff not complaining about their order system, and not calling tech support either. Ah, blessed silence.